Von Bussler's Pour Another Tequila Rose - "Rosie" (Retired)


Rosie is 100% Von Bussler bred, the daughter of Bubbles and Guinness.  Rosie is a light yellow in color, with shading on her ears and legs.  She has an adorable chocolate nose (meaning she carries two copies of the chocolate gene, in addition to dominant yellow).  Rosie resides with my cousin Leborn and his wife, Joy in Central Illinois.  She is a happy-go-lucky girl who even appears to "smile"!  Rosie passed her hip and elbow evaluations (hips - "Good", elbows - "Normal") and entered our breeding program in late 2016.  In September, she presented us with a lovely litter of nine puppies.  Rosie surprised us all by being the best whelper we have ever seen, delivering all nine puppies in less than 2.5 hours.  Rosie is an excellent mother and we are excited to have her as part of our program.  

Update:  As a result of logistics issues with our co-own agreement with Rosie, she has been retired from our breeding program.  Rosie will continue her life as a pampered pet.  




OFA hips (Prelim)- Good

OFA Elbows (Prelim) - Norma

OFA Cardiac (Prelim)- Normal


Rosie is "Clear by Parentage" for the following disease traits.  Her puppies can never be affected by these diseases:

Centronuclear Myopathy

Degenerative Myelopathy


Exercise Induced Collapse

Hereditary nasal parakeratosis

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Cone Rod Dystrophy 4

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (Progressive Cone Rod Degeneration)

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